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Obsolete electronics and well-preserved mechanics

Companies tend to neglect the performance of their existing machine parks. Many companies believe that if electronic spare parts are no longer available, then their production safety is at risk. However, often only components such as controls or other electronic modules are damaged or old but the actual mechanics of the machine are still in a good or even very good condition. In this case, the most economical solution is to modernise your machines and equipment.

We'll be pleased to advise you!

After analysing the existing technology, we will be pleased to tell you what the retrofit potential of your machines and equipment is. We will work together to generate sensible and economical solutions. When we do, the focus will be on the transparency regarding any outstanding weak spots and the future extensions necessary to rectify them.

Into the outside lane with retrofit

Following the preparation of a specific plan of implementation, Jürgens Elektronic will then carry out the project. In practice, retrofitting means:

  • customised modernisation of your CNC tooling machine
  • removal and replacement of controls and/or drives
  • new wiring if required (drag lines etc.)
  • integration of any additional technological functions if required
  • if required, mechanical overhaul (ball screw spindles, bearings, guides)

Not only can the added value of a machine be improved, but increased functionality can also be created. Your advantages at a glance:

  • additional technology (new turning and milling cycles, new dialogue programming)
  • no costs for new erection (tooling, foundations)
  • minimal machine downtimes
  • no new integration into the production process

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