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SERVICE is of the utmost importance to us

We maintain the control units and equipment that we construct throughout their lifetimes, and we will be pleased to carry out maintenance, repairs and service tasks for you. To ensure that you benefit from our services in the long term, we will also provide practical instruction for your operators and maintenance personnel in the use of the system hardware and software.

Service and after-care for controls and equipment by other planners

This range of services does not just apply to controls and equipment by Jürgens Elektronic: we offer service and after-care for all tooling machines with control and drive types such as HEIDENHAIN and Siemens.

Our services:

  • Competent advice; fast, efficient execution and a high level of flexibility
  • 24-hour delivery on spare parts thanks to our
    co-operation with Siemens and HEIDENHAIN
  • Service at short notice after technical clarification
  • Special after-care fitter just for service and repair

Your contact
Paul Dreisewerd
Phone: +49(0)5237 / 8907-15

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